International Tracing Service

Catalogue of camps and prisons in Germany and german-occupied territories

Sept. 1st, 1939 - May 8th, 1945

Ist Issue

Arolsen, July 1949

Prepared by international Tracing Service Recors Branch Documents Intelligence Section.

Longwy B 6/P 50
CC Kdo of Natzweiler, working for Deutsche Erzwerke AG (former inmate of Natzweiler), mentioned 14 and 24.07.44 as Longwy-Thil (death certificates).

Metz B 9/U 85
CC Kdo of Natzweiler (BNTB), Feste Goeben, Haeftlingskdo. SS Nachrichtenschule (former inmate of Natzweiler). Prison: (BNTB).